Expectations & Conflict Management For A/R Managers


Amy Hoffman

A/R Coach,


[0:00] Anchor: So welcome, everybody. Thank you for joining today's session where our speaker Amy Hoffman will talk about A/R manager's guide to managing internal and external expectations. Amy has over 20 years of finance experience as the accounts receivable coach at Johnsonville. Amy's responsibilities are to lead and develop the deduction specialists and cash application team. So Amy, thank you so much. And so over to you. [0:37] Amy Hoffman: Thank you! I love her accent. I kind of wish I had one like that. So just so you all know, I'm not a really great public speaker. So do not expect miracles up here. So what we're going to cover in this session is the central force of the order to cash functions and our A/R managers tackling internal stakeholders. So that's your senior executives, your business or your partner finance functions and internal teams, dealing with external stakeholders. And additionally, it is good to have insights and of course, questions and answers. [1:14] Amy Hoffman: So, science lesson to begin with our solar system obviously revolves around the Sun and the Sun is the gravitational pull that keeps all of the planets together. So what we're saying…

What you'll learn

  • Staying involved in the channels of communication across the organizational hierarchy
  • Internal and External Conflicts in order-to-cash, and how to tackle them

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