GE’s Vision For Evolution Of Analytics In Order-To-Cash


Sahil Vijay

Senior Product Manager, ERP Cash Collections and A/R Reporting Lead,
General Electric


[0:00] Moderator: All right, let's get this show on the road. Hi, everyone. Thank you so much for joining today's session on how GE is shaping its future with the advancement of analytics in O2C. Your speaker for this session is going to be Sahil Vijay, Sahil is the senior product manager of ERP cash collections and AR reporting lead at General Electric. He has been in it for over 16 years with expertise in SAP products and various database platforms and has been working closely in the analytic space in recent years. Now that that housekeeping is out of the way. Sahil, the stage is yours. Sahil Vijay: Thanks. So I would say from yesterday to today, there were many sessions about analytics. You see different areas of expertise, that hybrid is maintained with other expertise we heard about where I'm going to go today is more around how do I put that all together. You know, what else can we do? On top of all the knowledge, we learned analytics is the key. And I think, in the keynote session, everybody mentioned like analytics. They do pick a case state and then go from there, they don't pick…

What you'll learn

  • Analytics as the beginning point of your automation journey: Why is it important?
  • Dynamic Analytics: How A/R reporting dashboards should evolve in 2020?

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