How Can Artificial Intelligence Fuel Your Cash Forecasting Accuracy: Case Study On distribution now


Narender Nimmagadda

Director, Product Management,

Amber Thompson

Functional Consultant,


[0:01] Host Speaker: Hello, everyone. Thank you for joining today's session on how AI can help the oil and gas industries to forecast their cash better. We have with us Narender Nimmagadda and Amber Thompson. Narender is the Director of Product Management Treasury at Highradius and Amber is a functional consultant Treasury at Highradius. To make the sessions more interactive raise your hand if you have a question. And a mic will be brought to you so everyone is able to hear your question. Please state your name and organization first and then ask your question. We're also reserving the final 10 minutes of the session for open q&a and discussion. Post-session materials will be available in the hover app. At the end of this session, we ask that you quickly use the app to rate the presentation. This helps assure we are continuously bringing you the best content that is relevant to you. Also, I'll be circulating this sheet among you people so that you can enter your name and email address so that we can give you the presentation slides and you will be able to gain one credit for CTP recertification. So please fill that up. Thank…

What you'll learn

  • Achieve higher confidence in long term accuracy
  • Discover how AI transforms a treasurer’s workday and how it empowers decision making

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