How To Be A Good Boss: Tips To Groom Your Organization’s Next-Gen Leaders


Elaine M. Nowak

Director of Product Management and Marketing,


[0:00] Elaine Nowak: So today we're talking about how to be a good boss, tips to grow your organization's next-gen leaders. And a lot of what I'm going to say is probably going to be common sense. But what I'm looking to do and offer you today is this opportunity to reflect on yourself as a leader, and to take a moment and think, am I doing these things? Am I doing what is best for me to be a leader and to create future leaders from my team? So first, let's start with and I'm going to make this interactive. So I'm going to need your participation. What do you think are the characteristics of a good boss versus a bad boss? So let's start with a bad boss. Can you just shout it out? What's something that's a bad boss? characteristic? micromanaging? No trust? Unapproachable? Yes. Okay. And then let's talk about what are the characteristics of a good boss, the exact opposite of everything we said. macro managing approachable, right? building that trust and advocate for you. That's right to advocate for the team members very important parts of what we think. So what do you think…

What you'll learn

  • Grooming the next generation leaders: A proactive leader’s guide.
  • The architecture of a perfect boss: A scorecard to your leadership skills.

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