How to Effectively Manage Liquidity in an Asset-Based Financing Process


Jeff Martini

Chief Executive Officer,
Tri-Point Oil & Gas Production Systems


[0:00] Jeff Martini: Well, thank you very much. I appreciate you all coming out. And what we're going to talk about here is something a little bit more of a technical kind of a conversation about asset-based lending. And the goal here is to sort of walk through the mechanics of how these things work and talk a little bit about what the challenges are associated with these kinds of facilities. So a little about me, me. So I am CEO of Tripoint, Tripoint is an oil and gas company, a full-service company based out of Houston. My background, I've got about 20 years in the industry, in about 15 of those as a standalone CFO rolls across about five or six different private equity-backed and publicly held companies. There we go. So a few of the topics will cover. So we'll talk a little bit about the company that I work for, just to give a little bit of background as far as the lens that will be looking at the ABL through and how it behaves. We'll talk about some of the challenges and we'll just sort of walk through top to bottom the order to cash cycle…

What you'll learn

  • Understanding the data parameters required to build a tool for predicting assets
  • A live walk-through of the borrowing base model across the stages of order maturity

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