Humans + Machines: Changing Workforce and Job Responsibilities with AI


Marinko Marijolovic

Corporate Credit

Lauren Kennedy

Senior Manager,
Retailer Financial Services

Garfield Brown

Director of Credit and Collections,


[00:01] Moderator: First of all, thank you so much for joining the 'after lunch session.' I know it's pretty difficult. But yeah, kicking off things now. This is the session on humans and machines, changing workforce, and job responsibilities with AI. So our office is headquartered in Houston. So when I was coming the day before yesterday, from Houston to Dallas, thankfully, I came in a Tesla Model three, thanks to my CMO, would wish. So when I came over the driver is five-hour-long, right? And the five along mostly you have to come by I45. And Urvish actually put Tesla on autonomous mode, because we had so much stuff to do for Radiance. And that's the first time for the first two, three hours or no, sorry for the first two hours I was thinking, should I look at the road, or should I look at Urvish? Because he was talking to me. And then I was thinking I think I need to trust the technology. And I think after five hours, we reached, everything safe. So I wish this is the first time in my life that I have let the technology drive right rather than anyone else…

What you'll learn

  • Understanding the organizational hierarchy of the future workforce
  • Changing dynamics of buyer-supplier communication with humans+machines implementation

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