Industry Leaders’ Guide to Mitigating Customer Bankruptcy Risk Exposure


Jacob Whetstone

Director Credit and Accounts Receivable,


[0:00] Jacob Whetstone: Alright, so I appreciate you for coming this morning. I know it's early and everything. So thank you. This is the final of the four presentations I'm going to do. So I'm looking forward to doing this and getting over and being done with it. So, you know, we have a smaller group. And if you guys have questions, or if you have other best practices, by no means do I think I'm an expert in this, I do have some experiences, I'm going to share our experience from Danone’s perspective. But if you have other experiences, please feel free to share best practices. Stop me with questions, we can talk about it, if anybody else wants to come up and present them, I’m okay with that as well. So just, however, we want to go with this, but we just kind of go through it. And like I said, if I skip around, I apologize, but there is some reason to it. So some of the things that we're going to talk about, it's not necessarily in this order, but just kind of talk about the economy, by no means I am an economist. Kind of…

What you'll learn

  • Learn how a credit scoring model based on AI could help you predict the risk of bankruptcy
  • Weigh out risk objectively while onboarding new customers

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