Leadership Lessons from Candy Crush


Julie Weaver

Director of Treasury, Caliber Collision Centers


Julie Weaver: Okay! So, today we're going to talk about what Candy Crush is, we're going to talk about some leadership lessons that I've learned from Candy Crush. And then we're going to go through a checklist and see how these leadership lessons help. How are you using them in your life in review? So, first of all, let's take a quick poll with our small group here. How many of you play Candy Crush? We got one! All right. Well whether you play or not you're going to find some value in this session. So first of all about Candy Crush. What is it and why is it so popular? Well, it's a basic three-match game. So you're matching three candies in a row of the same color and popping jellies under them. There are thousands of levels. I'm on level one thousand five twenty-four which means I've played at least one thousand five twenty-three times and I don't even know how far it goes you're at a level three thousand you said. Audience: Three thousand nine hundred. Julie Weaver: So there are many many levels and there are limits to lives which is a good thing. And why…

What you'll learn

What may seem like an innocent app, the game on your phone can actually teach you about leadership. Join Julie from Caliber Collision as she shares how she achieved real-life benefits in managing people by applying lessons learned from Candy Crush.

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