Negotiation Skills For Finance Professionals


Jessica Butler

Founder and Principal,
Attain Consulting


[00:00] Anchor: Hi everyone. Thanks again for joining us today. We've got an hour and we'll properly fill up that whole time so we'll get started. So we are proudly able to announce an exclusive preview of, the world's only free online training platform for Order to Cash professionals. The platform offers 24/7 access to targeted roll based 20-minute training videos for O2C professionals looking for proactive skills training and career advancement. This session is part of twenty-one live training workshops at Radiance powered by of the job objective of making quality credit management training accessible without a premium price tag. At this session of my agenda on your Hoover app to get an official letter of participation that you could use to apply for an ACM CEO role. Moreover, you could also check out a session related discussion threads on the app to network further with everyone else. Okay, so thanks again for joining today for our Highako’s training on negotiation skills for finance professionals. Joining us today is Jessica Butler, to my right. Founder of Attain Consulting Group at a deduction and chargeback management advisory firm. She's passionate about helping clients improve profitability and take control…

What you'll learn

Today’s finance professionals are much more than just number crunching accountants. They are a part of a much dynamic customer-facing workforce. Join this session by Jessica to explore how to improve your negotiation and communication skills to climb the career graph

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