Order-To-Cash 2020: Focus Areas For Improvement, Metrics and Best Practices For Transformation


Saurabh Chopra

Director Business Process Management, C2C Transformation,


[0:00] Moderator: Hello everyone here we have Saurabh Chopra from Honeywell and he's going to be presenting focus areas for improvement, metrics, and practices for transformation. Saurabh believes in the global transformation team for credit to cash for Honeywell and has exposure in managing global order to cash teams and driving enterprise-level transformational products to boost working capital and drive business outcome metrics. He plays a crucial, critical role that leads to business development, revenue growth operations and strategic planning. [0:29] Moderator: So, you have the stage. [0:36] Saurabh Chopra: Hello, everyone. [0:39] Saurabh Chopra: So, I think we covered briefly on the introduction part but you know, I wanted to make sure that we talked about the critical part of order to cash like most of us like at times, think like, if we are heading for transformation, what is that, you know, the key focus areas that we want to look upon. So when I joined Honeywell, that was four years back, you know, it was something like, you know, I could figure out like focusing on credit to cash. So, that was a bit of a surprise factor to me because if you have to transform your…

What you'll learn

  • Best practices to drive the top 5 finance priorities in 2020
  • Designing KPIs that support these goals, and communicating them to the whole team

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