Prevent Deductions from Eroding Your Bottomline


Jessica Butler

Founder, Attain Consulting


Jessica Butler: Welcome, everyone. You know young kids should go to medical school. But my husband and I did not marry young. He's the same age as me. And that's a little weird. My son was very fortunate. He's at medical school in the United States. My husband is not. My husband could not get in the United States so he's offshore but he's (my son) finishing up in April with the classes. And it's kind of amazing. It makes me feel like what kind of drive and passion he must have to want to do this because it's been like two and a half years of no fun. Jessica Butler: So that was my fun fact though. Kind of weird. OK. Yes, I am Jessica Butler and I do a lot of work with companies. All I love is deductions, love trying to figure out how to improve what you're doing, how to manage it better. There certainly are some elements of deductions that are out of your control and there are certain times when I feel that retailers may take advantage. But there are lots of times when I feel that deductions are under the control of your…

What you'll learn

Do you know how much of your receivables are lost to poor business practices in pricing, ordering and fulfillment? Hear from one of the world’s leading deductions experts on how your A/R team could partner with business to identify root-cause and help prevent deductions even before they happen!

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