Reducing Unidentified Deductions from 100% to 15%: Intelligent Automation at Church and Dwight


Gregory Ottalagano

Manager, AR and Credit,
Church & Dwight


[0:00] Gregory Ottalagano So we're going to talk about how in my company, we reduced unidentified deductions from coming from 100% down to 15%. And show of hands, how many people are using the cash app cloud at the moment? How many people were thinking about using the cash app cloud? [0:19] Gregory Ottalagano Okay. It's a terrific tool. Terrific tool, but we're going to go through some things first. First, I just want to clear some things up. Contrary to belief, when this picture came around, I happen to be out of the office and my boss sent it to me. And he asked me, he said, "You got something that you need to tell me?". And I told him, I said, Yeah, I said, my drug ring is far more advanced than that. But I was happened to be out of the office and no, and that's not me. So that was kind of a fun thing that ran around the office for about six months. They still didn't believe me. [1:00] Gregory Ottalagano The second thing I want to talk about is a string. Okay, it sounds weird and I'm even going to talk about string. But…

What you'll learn

  • Leveraging HighRadius cloud solutions for freeing up as much as 16 man hours a day
  • Maximizing the ROI on A/R automation and doing the right service to your company

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