The Future Of Digital Treasury


Russell Hoffman

Director Market and Treasury Risks,

Jeff Diorio

Treasury Strategies

Craig Jeffery

Managing Partner,
Strategic Treasurers

Ernie Humphrey



[00:03] Anchor: We're excited to add the treasury track to HighRadius. The Radiance conferences that we have each year, will just keep growing. So we like to help to make it very informative for you in a variety of different ways. Today, joining me here are a variety of different gentlemen who have been in treasury for quite a while, many of whom I've known for more years than probably all of us would like to count. But what we've seen are great changes in Treasury over the last 10-20 years. [00:40] Anchor: And change is happening even more rapidly now than ever before. So I'd like to start off by asking each one of our panelists to talk about what do you think has been the greatest change in treasuries over, let's say, the last five years? And what do you think is going to be the greatest change in the next five years? [01:04] Russell Hoffman: So I think the perspective that I've taken over the last five years is that the treasury has been more business-focused, has become more strategic, and we use that word quite a lot- ‘strategic.’ What does that mean? In the context that…

What you'll learn

A panel of treasury experts get together to discuss the treasury transformation kickstarted by Artificial Intelligence across diverse treasury functions such as fraud management, investments and risk management, forecasting, etc. and how this radical shift the approach towards processes, technology and skills.

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