“What Glass Ceiling?” A Guide for Women Leaders


Andreea Popescu

Senior Manager, Digital Finance Transformation,
Ernst & Young (EU)

Ellen Cnudde

Senior Consultant, Performance Improvement and Finance Transformation,
Ernst & Young (EU)

Kimberly Erickson

Founder/Principal Consultant,
Optimize Consulting


[0:01] Kendall: Alright, thank you, everybody, for joining today's panel discussion based on women and leadership. The moderator for this discussion is Elaine Nowak, who is the Director of Product Management and Marketing at HighRadius. Today we also have two speakers from EY (Ernst & Young), which is one of the largest professional services firms in the world. Andreea Popescu, who serves as a senior manager of digital finance transformation and Ellen Cnudde is a senior consultant and performance improvement of finance transformation at EY. We also have with us Kim Erickson, who is the owner, senior principal at Optimize Consulting. Kim has worked with the AR space for nearly 18 years. She spent 12 years at Hormel foods and held various AR positions, most notably managing the centralized Support Service Center where the HighRadius DMS cloud solution was first implemented. Now that housekeeping is out of the way, Elaine the stage is all yours. [01:00] Elaine Nowak: Thank you, Kendall. Welcome, everybody, glad you could join us today. So I'm just gonna ask a series of questions of these lovely ladies to my left. And then we're going to kind of get a little conversation going. If you'd like…

What you'll learn

  • Testimonies of breaking through the glass ceiling: straight from the horses’ mouth
  • Checklist to promote career growth for women leaders

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