Working with Millennials


Tracie Duncan

Senior Director, Credit A/R & Collections, adidas


TRACIE DUNCAN: Awesome. Good morning. So I'm more interested in discussing with you guys this morning then completely if I get every slot of this presentation. So I feel like that there's something that brought you into this session, that is outside of the world of credit collections and AR, obviously a topic that's important to all of us. But I liked some feedback from you. I think this room is small enough. We park in here without the mics and do I sound loud to y'all? No? Okay, because it's really loud for me. Like what brought you here today? What are you hoping to learn about millennials? Or you just like they're a fact of life today so we've got to learn how to deal with them, or you just wanted to break from credit and collection talk so you decided to come to learn about millennials. TRACIE DUNCAN: Yes. Okay, now it's like my 16-year-olds answering me. Yes, or Anna taught us a new German word yesterday that means yes and no. So, I guess that's it, depends on the answer. Okay well I'll start with I was having lunch with actually my mentor, whose nephew is…

What you'll learn

Millennials are the largest generation at over 85-90 million people in the US and the most educated one in history. With the changing workforce, businesses today must adapt their culture, management style, and overall leadership to meet the needs of the millennial employee and customer.

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