Working With Your Vendor For Successful Automation: Tips and Strategies From a Consultant


Roger Anderson

Principal Consultant,
Optimize Consulting


[0:00]Roger Anderson: Good morning, everybody. Alright. [0:04]Roger Anderson: So how's everybody liking the conference so far? Good. When I started with these conferences over the 21st in the first couple of years, this is the whole conference right here, this room. And this was a, there was nothing to this big stadium wherever you want to hundreds of people. So this is unique again for them. So it's nice. So yeah, we're going to try to give you some of you some tidbits, from my viewpoint anyway, of what my experiences are with HighRadius and vendor management and implementing the project. So this is all based on my prior experience, you could get a lot of different information from other consultants here. People have already used a product so you'll get a different viewpoint. So this is my personal opinion from what I've learned over the years. [0:51]Roger Anderson: So today, we're going to try to talk about project ownership, get aligned with your internal teams and resolve your issues with your vendor as much as possible. The last two bullet points, especially the last part about the vendor, I want to spend a little time on that, because that's…

What you'll learn

  • Engaging internal subject matter experts in your project plan: Why, When and How?
  • Tips on maintaining long term relationship with your vendor

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