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The Hackett Group:
15 Recommended Metrics to Evaluate Order To Cash Processes

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This eBook contains The Hackett Group’s top 15 Order to Cash success metrics benchmarked against the results achieved by world-class GBS organizations. Considering ‘efficiency’ and ‘effectiveness,’ each performance indicator is described through the best practices of top-performing companies along with the outcomes they drive.
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Key Takeaways

Learn what it means to be a world-class A/R for GBS organizations
Benchmark against world-class GBS A/R performance results using these 15 metrics
Understand the best practices followed by top-performing GBS A/R to stay ahead of the curve
Get a sneak-peek on how HighRadius dotONE helps O2C functions improve by benchmarking against industry peers

Table of Contents

Credit Management Metrics
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Billing & Payments Metrics
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Cash Application Metrics
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Deductions Management Metrics
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Collections Management Metrics
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Order to Cash Metrics
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HighRadius dotONE Performance: Driving a High-Performance Culture by Benchmarking KPIs against Industry Peers
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What Drives World-Class A/R Performance for a GBS organization?
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Chapter 01

Credit Management Metrics

1. Average Days it Takes to Complete New Credit Reviews

Average Days it Takes to Complete New Credit Reviews

Best Practices from World-Class GBS Organizations:

  • Implementation of best-of-breed online credit applications
  • Automating correspondence for missing information such as bank/trade references, and backups
  • Providing real-time tracking of application statuses


  • Improved customer experience with greater visibility
  • Reduced manual errors

2. Automated Versus Manual Credit Modeling Tools

Automated Versus Manual Credit Modeling Tools

Best Practices from World-Class GBS Organizations:

  • Automating stakeholder correspondence for all credit decisions
  • Integrating services with country-specific and industry-specific credit agencies, public financials, and insurance bureaus
  • Automating the capture of fields from the credit application form


  • A standardized credit operation across various platforms
  • Improved productivity with high-value customers

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