The Hackett Group: 15 Recommended Metrics to Evaluate Order to Cash Processes

Download our free eBook, which introduces 15 key metrics recommended by The Hackett Group for defining a world-class order-to-cash process for GBS organizations.


Chapter 01

Credit Management Metrics

Chapter 02

Billing & Payments Metrics

Chapter 03

Cash Application Metrics

Chapter 04

Deductions Management Metrics

Chapter 05

Collections Management Metrics

Chapter 06

Order to Cash Metrics

Chapter 07

HighRadius dotONE Performance: Driving a High-Performance Culture by Benchmarking KPIs against Industry Peers

Chapter 08

What Drives World-Class A/R Performance for a GBS organization?

GBS: From a Cost-Reduction Function to a Strategic Value Enabler

Is your Global Business Services (GBS) organization planning to move from a labor cost-arbitrage model to a real top-line and bottom-line impact-focused model?

To realize this goal, Global Process Owners (GPOs) of leading companies are currently leveraging benchmarks and measuring their performance against similar companies to identify opportunities for improvement.

If the goal is true operational excellence, this benchmarking process must be done right!

How does this eBook help GPOs like me?

This eBook contains The Hackett Group’s top 15 Order to Cash success metrics benchmarked against the results achieved by world-class GBS organizations.

We have delved deep into this research and summarized the crucial segments!

Considering ‘efficiency’ and ‘effectiveness,’ each performance indicator is described through the best practices top-performing companies employ along with the outcomes they drive.

What can I expect?

By the end of the eBook, you will be able to identify relevant metrics for your O2C function that could help enable robust decision-making.

You will also learn about solutions that could support your objectives, including real-time visibility goals, working capital optimization, and impact monitoring. Finance Key Performance Indicators, risk metrics, and customer information usage will also be key areas of discussion.



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