3 Tips for Faster Credit Reviews and Credit Scoring

The Credit Management landscape is constantly affected by changing trends, and it is becoming increasingly difficult for businesses to keep pace with these changes. This ebook provides 3 effective ways for faster credit reviews and credit scoring that every A/R management professional should use to prepare for credit management.


Chapter 01

Executive Summary

Chapter 02

The Evolution of Credit Management

Chapter 03

Three Tips for Faster Credit Reviews and Credit Scoring

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Chapter 01

Executive Summary

Credit management is an important business function in any organization, whether it is a small business catering regionally or a large enterprise spread across the globe, as it is one of the key drivers of B2B success and a fundamental aspect of revenue enhancement and risk containment.

Not long ago, credit risk management was done on an excel spreadsheet. Technology has come a long way since then, and businesses are now looking at automation technology to constantly improve credit risk management, not just for better financial yields but also to facilitate compliance with corporate governance rules.

This ebook explores the evolution of the credit management function and the role of technology. It discusses three ways to strike a balance between fast response times and effective credit risk management to achieve a higher overall portfolio performance rate.