Credit Risk Management During the Retail Apocalypse

An insightful summary of the impact of the great retail apocalypse on growing B2B credit risk and measures to take to avoid surprises and maintain efficient credit management workflows.


Chapter 01


Chapter 02

Major Retail Bankruptcies Since 2015 A Sneak-Peak

Chapter 03

The Retail Apocalypse Why?

Chapter 04

Mitigating Credit Risk in the Age of Retail Apocalypse

Chapter 05

Five Must-Have Automation Workflows for Fool-Proof Risk Management

Chapter 06

Chapter 01


5,300 Store Closures
have been announced till March 2019, as Victoria’s Secret, JCPenney, and Gap shutter dozens of locations.
1,100 Store Closures
were announced in a single day in March 2019
~ 95 Retailers
Have closed shop since 2015 to 2019
Store Closing
The list of retail bankruptcies is still running, so when it comes to making complex credit decisions for your retail customers, the margin for error shrinks as the repercussions of a single mistake expand. After all, the viability of your credit management team hinges upon your ability to fine-tune your company’s credit decisions.



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