Oracle Order to Cash: 29 Must Have Capabilities

This ebook outlines the operational gaps left by the ERP and summarizes the necessary factors to consider while ERP Cloud integration


Chapter 01

Executive Summary

Chapter 02

29 Gaps in Oracle to Plug Using Cloud Solutions

Chapter 03

Checklist to Evaluate Oracle Integration for Cloud Solutions

Chapter 04

Build vs Buy

Chapter 05

About HighRadius
Chapter 01

Executive Summary

Why does ERP form the core?

ERP systems have been acting as the backbone of the business organizations since its inception. The executives feel relieved due to the fact that they need not maintain bundles of monotonous paperwork throughout their job life. ERP systems allow controlled flow of information which is used to analyze the various metrics and to enhance the workflows of the

ERP stats based on Panorama Reports

Industry-specific practices

CPG industries run a lot of trade promotions and that results in trade deductions, so, the system needs proper

TPM integration

Insurance industry deals with a lot of intermediaries for A/R collections and cash application

Function-specific practices

Credit managers work with a lot of different credit bureaus for credit scoring. Integration with all of the bureaus is complex

Geography-specific practices

In Europe A/R teams rely a lot on factoring and credit insurance Company specific practices A/R operations for business units and geographies might be decentralized or in shared services centers or in a central location

Level of ERP Customization

Oracle can cater around 70% of the business needs. This ebook outlines the rest 30% of the needs and how they can be processed with a customized cloud solution



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