Collections eBooks

Learn about the 15 metric outlines recommended by Hackett group to benchmark against World-Class organizations.

An actionable summary of how collectors can work closely with their customers to recover past-dues faster during the COVID-19 outbreak

This e-book is your one-stop-shop, that demystifies over 400 Credit and AR transformation projects, unveiling 11 of the most effective templates to speed-track your receivables.

This detailed B2B collections guide gives you insights about the top 12 collection strategies given by best-performing collectors across 15 industries.

Segmenting customers for Collections into buckets of strategic accounts and providing an insight into the Collections process for faster operations

Remove delinquency by automating Credit and Accounts Receivables operations and deploy tactics to collect payments faster.

Learn key competencies that build strong foundational ethos around actionable credit management in A/R space.

21 Credit and Collections Email Templates that help you reach out to your customer faster and helps you improve your email correspondence process which are…

Explore what influences DSO and recognize the 5 pillars of the collections maturity model that can transform businesses.

We have identified 8 types of delinquent customer personalities and customized conversation tactics for them to help you collect your money faster.

This eBook outlines the insights from Bank of America, CITIBANK and Ernst & Young on what strategies and transformation initiatives should be used to unlock…

This e-book outlines the changing dynamics in the B2B payments landscape within mid-sized businesses. Understand the challenges involved in traditional payment methods and how it…