75% Reduction In Past-Due Invoices: The Digital Evolution Of Order-To-Cash At Shurtech

About The Webinar

Back in the day, when Shurtech started exploring A/R automation, their primary objective was to not having to increase the headcount with global expansion. Making over 750 million in revenue every year, Shurtech’s A/R function had a lot of undiscovered potential that they unearthed through automation across their retail and industrial divisions.

Join Marinko Marijolovic, Director, Corporate Credit at Shurtech Brands, as he talks about their transformation journey from using SAP modules to the age of AI-powered A/R automation. He would further deep-dive into their automation implementation framework, the KPIs enhanced, and their vision for the future with technology. Joining him, are Susie West, CEO, SharedservicesLink, and Elaine Nowak, Director of Product Management and Marketing at HighRadius, sharing their insights on this transformation journey and its implications for the A/R community as a whole.