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Frequently Asked Questions

How is HighRadius Accounts Receivables Software different from other software/solutions available in the market?

HighRadius differentiates itself from the market as the world’s only end-to-end automation platform powered by AI. It eliminates the silos within Credit, Collections, Cash Application, Electronic invoicing and payment processing, and Deductions Cloud. HighRadius with its wide range of industry expertise primarily focuses on A/R innovations and has successfully completed 1600+ finance transformation projects all across the world. And recently, HighRadius has been recognized as a global leader in IDC MarketScape Research 2020 for its A/R innovations.

What pricing model does HighRadius use and how is it different from any conventional software pricing?

HighRadius is a SaaS company that follows a subscription-based pricing model where you pay-as-you-go which eliminates any sort of upfront cost before using. This sort of pricing is completely different from any conventional software license where the complete cost has to be paid upfront in order to get access to the software. There are a lot of other benefits of using a subscription model over a license such as no server, storage, or infrastructure management, no hidden yearly costs of the upgrade, maintenance. etc which helps in improving the efficiency of the process without the headache of running it yourself.

How can you ensure that HighRadius fits my business model?

HighRadius thrives on the value provided to each customer through transformation projects. Whether it’s a large global enterprise with multiple business units, a mid-sized company with a simpler IT landscape, or even a small business it tailors to the needs of every customer. And our three core operating principles: reducing the total cost of ownership (TCO) of receivables solutions, delivering a concrete return on investment (ROI), and providing innovative functionality to the market helps us align with our vision and achieve greater success rates for our customers.

I just want to automate one module of my A/R process, is it possible? Or do I need to automate my complete A/R process in order to use the HighRadius software?

Although the entire A/R process could be automated with the HighRadius Integrated Receivables platform. But the best thing about all our solutions is that they are highly modular in nature providing you the option to choose from Credit, Collections, Cash Application, Electronic invoicing and payment processing, Deductions Cloud, and ERP payment gateways with each of these having the capability to be activated as per your requirements. Apart from that, our solution experts always focus on helping our customers choose the most appropriate solution that their business needs for a transformation to happen.

Does HighRadius software integrate with all ERPs?

HighRadius is a Cloud-based SaaS solution that is both ERP and third-party system agnostic. It can integrate with any ERPs, 3rd party systems, and legacy systems making it a highly adaptive solution.

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HighRadius Integrated Receivables Software Platform is the world’s only end-to-end order to cash software platform to lower DSO and bad-debt, automate cash posting, fast-track dispute resolution, and improve team productivity. It leverages Rivana™ Artificial Intelligence for Accounts Receivable to convert receivables faster and more effectively by using machine learning for accurate decision making across both credit and receivable processes. HighRadius Integrated Receivables enables suppliers to digitally connect with buyers via the radiusOne™ network, closing the loop from the supplier accounts receivable process to the buyer accounts payable process. Integrated Receivables have been divided into 6 distinct applications: Credit Software, EIPP Software, Cash Application Software, Deductions Software, Collections Software, and ERP Payment Gateway – covering the entire gamut of Order to Cash.