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Electronic Invoice Presentment and Payment

HighRadius Electronic Invoice Presentment and Payment (EIPP) Cloud provides tools that automate and speed up invoice communication and facilitate a faster collection of payments, enabling a closer and more convenient relationship with customers. A cloud-based solution available as Software-as-a-Service, EIPP Cloud is easy and cost-effective to deploy and maintain.

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HighRadius EIPP Cloud automates invoice transmission and payment collection. The system provides a configurable solution that supports multiple invoice formats and different modes of transmission (fax, email, portal, EDI.) depending on the targeted customer. Integration with ERP systems and a rich search capability enables efficient storage and retrieval of past invoices. A customer portal provides for quick and easy payment of outstanding invoices through any of the globally supported electronic payment methods including credit cards and direct debits. Finally, supporting delivery documentation (PODs, BOLs, etc.) can be pulled in and shown with each invoice to minimise disputes. The result is faster invoicing and payment collection, better customer service and improved profitability and cash flow.


  • Self-service customer portal provides a single point of accessing full account invoicing history. Customers can log in and see their open invoices and can request additional copies be sent out to them via email or fax.
  • Automated invoice communication supporting multiple media, including email and fax.
  • Targeted invoice templates assure the right invoice is sent in the right format to the right recipients in the customers A/P department.
  • Seamless integration with ERP and accounting systems enables accurate and timely invoice presentment and communication.
  • Supporting proof-of-delivery, bill-of-lading, and other shipping documents are available with invoices to help prevent invalid claims before they are filed.


  • Eliminate cost of paper invoicing.
  • Resolve disputes before they are created.
  • Reduce cost of collections.
  • Improve customer service and satisfaction.
  • Reduce DSO by 5 days or more.


Case Study

E-Invoicing: How Reckitt Benckiser Minimized Invoicing Costs and Improved Invoice Delivery Time

Josef Genda, Director of Credit and Accounts Receivable, Reckitt Benckiser
Jay Tchakarov, AVP of Product Management, HighRadius Corporation

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