AI-Based Accounts Receivable Credit Software

Reduce bad debt by monitoring your global portfolio’s credit risk on a real-time basis. With Credit Cloud,
  • Automate credit scoring and approvals
  • Predict upcoming blocked orders with AI
  • Onboard customers 5X faster

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How Credit Cloud can Simplify Credit Operations for You

Real-Time Credit Risk Monitoring

Get real-time visibility into your customer’s credit risk. Re-evaluate critical customers based on risk alerts such as bankruptcy or credit rating downgrade.

Lower Blocked Order Volume with AI

Leverage AI to predict the upcoming blocked orders based on credit utilization, order history. Get AI-based recommendations on whether to release or hold the order.

Faster Customer Onboarding Globally

Leverage multi-language, configurable Online Credit Applications to fast-track customer onboarding at a global scale.

Auto-Extraction of Credit Data Across 40+ Agencies

Automatically extract credit ratings, scores, financials, credit insurance information from 40+ global and local agencies.

Automated Credit Scoring and Approvals

Automate credit scoring across the globe with configurable scoring models. Simplify and fast-track credit approvals across complex internal hierarchies with automated workflows.

Seamless Integration with Collections Department

Integrate with Collections Cloud to auto-aggregate intelligence from the collectors(for instance, payment history, collectible amount. Share credit intelligence with collectors.

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HighRadius Customer: Resmed

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HighRadius Customer: Mercury Marine

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Molly Pryor

Assistant Treasurer
Huntsman Corporation
We have come a long way with HighRadius. They have really helped us with the manual work and with the business growing, that’s definitely helping us to move forward.