Hackett Study: Building a Top-Performing Customer-to-Cash Process

Four ways to achieve process excellence


Chapter 01

Executive Summary

Chapter 02

Doing More With Less

Chapter 03

What Customer-to-Cash Process Excellence Looks Like

Chapter 04

Becoming Digital Leaders

Chapter 05

Conclusion: Technology Maturity Self-Assessment

Chapter 06

About the Advisors
Chapter 01

Executive Summary

Finance organizations face continued budget contraction. At the same time, they are being asked to respond more quickly to rising management and customers’ expectations. Hackett Group’s research indicates that world-class finance organizations have lower-cost, yet more effective, customer-to-cash processes. Further, these organizations deliver a better customer experience thanks to process redesign and greater automation. Achieving top performance in customer-to-cash requires:

  •  Automating more activities.
  • Leveraging data and analytics to produce better insight.
  • Establishing end-to-end process ownership.
  • Addressing talent and skill gaps proactively