S/4HANA Migration: Enabling Order-to-Cash Operations Continuity

Understanding the need and challenges associated with ERP migration to S/4HANA and the four-step framework to a successful migration effort.


Chapter 01

S/4HANA Migration: What and Why ?

Chapter 02

Knowing the challenges

Chapter 03

The Migration Methodology

Chapter 04


Chapter 05

About Highradius
Chapter 01

S/4HANA Migration: What and Why ?

Launched in 2015, S/4HANA is built on SAP HANA, an operational database and an in-memory computing platform from SAP. With many organizations planning to migrate to S/4HANA, an important question is how best one manage change to ensure that the migration project is a success. This eBook addresses these questions especially in the context of order-to-cash operations.
Before we jump into the migration process, here are some of the most compelling reasons why many organizations are planning to upgrade to S/4HANA:

  1. Easier and Faster ProcessesS/4HANA runs on a universal ledger, where all the data from different financial transactions are stored in a single table, in contrast to multiple ones in ECC. Thus inserting new data and accessing the existing is very fast and the business always runs on a single version of data.
  2. Better User Experience: S/4HANA has a much better user interface because of which the users do not have to memorize the transactional codes anymore for quick access as they had to do earlier. An SAP benchmarking study points out that transactions processing is about 40% faster with the Fiori UI when compared to SAP GUI.
  3. Real-Time Reporting capabilities:  S/4HANA  provides the user with real-time reporting capabilities and better predictive analytics in comparison to the standard reporting mechanisms available in the previous versions. You no longer have to depend on business intelligence tools for basic reporting and dashboards.
  4. S/4 migration

  5. Machine Learning with SAP Leonardo: SAP Leonardo is a digital innovation system from SAP comprising different technologies such as IoT, Artificial Intelligence, Blockchain and, Machine learning. S/4HANA already incorporates the machine learning features from Leonardo in its cash reconciliation and invoicing modules, among others, thus making way for faster decision making. Native machine learning capabilities could unlock a world of possibilities across order-to-cash especially in credit, deductions and collections.



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