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There has to be a better way to close books

Ric Ratkowski, Product Consultant, HighRadius
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Why does Month End Close Take Time?

Learn about the various financial close bottlenecks Discover how financial close software can simplify the month end close process
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Organizing the Month End Financial Close Process

What you’ll learn Key challenges of disconnected tools in the financial close process How to convert the chaotic close process into the desired “choreographed close”…
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Autonomous Accounting: Breaking The Mold For The Financial Close

Learn how CFOs need to reimagine automation and technology with autonomous accounting to achieve faster and smoother financial close.
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Real-Time Data is the Minimum Requirements for a continuous Close

In this ebook, we will explore how real-time data helps improve the month-end closing process on day zero, reduces errors, and saves time, resources, and…
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Connected Workspace – Ideal replacement for Excel in Finance

In this blog, we will explore the ideal replacement for spreadsheets which can provide real time access of data
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Five Key Takeaways From the 2022 Gartner CFO and Finance Executive Conference

HighRadius reveals the top five trends that are shaping CFOs’ digital transformation efforts based on insights gathered from Gartner’s recent 2022 CFO and Finance Executive…
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Five Critical Challenges of Spreadsheets that Hinder Finance Digital Transformation

In this blog, we will explore the deficiencies in spreadsheets that create obstacles in Finance's digital transformation.
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Is Excel a barrier to Finance’s Digital Transformation ?

Excel is an integral part of Finance’s core processes however dependency on excel is depleting ROI from Finance’s Digital Transformation journey. Learn more.
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Why does Month End Close Take Time

Read this blog to understand how financial close software can simplify the month end close process by avoiding various financial close bottlenecks.
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How To Solve Real-Life Problems Of Bank Reconciliations (With Examples)

Learn how to solve real-life problems of bank reconciliations and challenges faced with practical examples.
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What is Bank Reconciliation & Why Is It Important for Your Business?

Bank reconciliation is an important process in which organizations match their bank statements with the transactions. Learn about its importance and benefits.
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Best Checklist Template for Month end close

Download this month-end close checklist template to understand how a proper checklist can simplify the process by avoiding various financial close bottlenecks
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