RadiusOne AR Suite Collections App

Maximize cash flow while lowering DSO and bad debt write-offs with automated collections management.

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Maximize productivity with a prioritized collections worklist based on industry-specific best practices

Leverage In-App VOIP calling with the ability to store and access notes and call scripts

Scale dunning outreach with automated correspondence via emails and AP portals

Get paid faster with two-click guest payment links for your customers

Trusted by Finance Teams across the Globe

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Collect Smarter, Grow Farther

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Accelerate Past-Due Recovery

Enhance team productivity, save time on repetitive tasks and streamline your collections process and performance visibility with a prioritized worklist

  • Work Intelligently with an Auto-Prioritized Worklist

    Make it easier to track, prioritize and collect from customers with a prioritized worklist based on industry best practices and customer context to deliver a seamless collections experience

  • Make Sense of Your Collections with Actionable Insights

    Receive real-time insights and alerts on the next steps on each customer account to maximize cash recovery and out-of-the-box reports curated for your role to get the most out of your collections process


Scale Your Dunning Outreach

Take advantage of automated correspondence for low-hanging fruits while leveraging Native VOIP calling to collect from at-risk accounts

  • Deliver Touchless Dunning at Scale

    Automate correspondence for low-risk customers via emails or AP portals with ready-to-use correspondence templates at your fingertip

  • Make Calls without Lifting a Finger

    Stay on top of your at-risk accounts with In-App VOIP calling and instantly log and access notes and call scripts directly through the app

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Win the CX Game with Personalized Collections

Provide your customers frictionless payment options and personalized collections experience, even as you grow

  • Get Paid in 2 Clicks

    Leverage guest payment pages or embed payment links in their preferred payment format in just two clicks

  • Manage a Unified View of Your Customer

    Help your teams collaborate effectively with one-click access to all AR information and collaboration history of your customer

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Collections App Features

  • Prioritized Collections Worklist

  • Automated Correspondence

  • In-App Calling

  • Centralized Data Access

  • Real-Time Reporting and Analytics

Collections App Features

Prioritized Collections Worklist


Prioritize collector worklists with pre-loaded collections strategies based on industry best practices, tailor-made for mid-market companies. Enable configurable collector dashboards with auto-recommend account-level actions

Automated Correspondence


Automate dunning via email with easy-to-create correspondence templates. Send and track en masse collections correspondence to scale collections outreach

In-App Calling


Enable your collectors to call customers directly via the app with CTI (computer telephony integration) for in App Calling in fold Collections App Features

Centralized Data Access


Gain centralized access to collaboration history, avoiding the hassle to collect account details and previous correspondence. Create notes, schedule tasks and reminders while tracking key AR data like open invoices and past-due receivables

Real-Time Reporting and Analytics


Analyze and predict payment trends to scale collections outreach with real-time access to customer account-level data

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Integrated Receivables - Collections Cloud

 AI-Based Worklist Prioritization and Payment Date Prediction

AI-Based Worklist Prioritization and Payment Date Prediction

Leverage AI-based dynamic customer segmentation and payment date predictions to auto-prioritize at-risk customers and ensure faster past-due recovery

 AI-powered Digital Assistant Freeda

AI-powered Digital Assistant Freeda

Let Freeda recommend which calls to make and what emails to send. Freeda helps you with complete visibility into customer’s payment commitments, credit limit utilization, payment history, and more

 Enable Seamless, Global Payment Support

Enable Seamless, Global Payment Support

Let your customers schedule payments, pay in installments or make partial payments and select from 150+ payment methods, including ACH, credit card, SEPA and GiroPay


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