RadiusOne A/R Suite

eInvoicing & Automated Collections Solutions

  • Automate account prioritization based on industry-specific best practices
  • Enable Native VOIP calling and automate correspondence to scale collections outreach
  • Deliver invoice via emails and A/P softwares to minimize operating costs
  • Enable payments via ACH and Credit Cards
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eInvoicing & Automated Collections Solutions solutions diagram

eInvoicing & Automated Collections Solutions

RadiusOne A/R eInvoicing & Collections App enables improved collector efficiency, minimized bad debt write-offs, reduced DSO, low-cost invoicing and payments via ACH and credit cards.
With a prioritized worklist driven by collections strategies trusted by the pioneers in the industry, readily available backup information and automated dunning correspondence, collectors are able to contact more accounts and centrally track collections activities for proactive review and follow-up.
With e-invoicing through emails and invoice push into popular accounting software including QuickBooks, Xero and websites, cut costs on paper invoicing while tracking invoice delivery. Enable customers with a self-service portal and ensure availability of multiple payment options.

Key Features

Collector Dashboard - Prioritized Collections Worklist

Prioritize collector worklists with pre-loaded collections strategies based on industry best practices, tailor-made for mid-market companies. Enable configurable collector dashboards with auto-recommend account-level actions.

Automated Dunning

Automate dunning via email with easy-to-create correspondence templates. Send and track en masse collections correspondence to scale collections outreach.

Native VOIP Calling

Enable your collectors to call directly via the app with CTI ( computer telephony integration) and centralized access to collaboration history, avoiding the hassle to collect account details and previous correspondence.

Faster, Frictionless

Enable 'Pay Now’ option embedded in dunning emails to get paid faster- no registration, no sign-in; guide customers to a guest payment page and make payments in their preferred format including ACH and credit cards just a few clicks.

Invoicing Across Emails and Customer Portals

Automate the delivery of invoices and account statements through email or push the information into popular SMB accounting software including Quickbooks and Xero.

Self-Service Customer Portal

Enable customers to access and manage their invoices and account statements, create disputes, and make payments in multiple formats including ACH and credit cards through a single self-administered portal.

Lightning-fast Remote Deployment, Minimal IT Dependency, Prepackaged Modules with Industry Best Practices.

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