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Real-time, Actionable, Global
AR Metrics for Full Visibility

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Industry Benchmark KPIs for
Best-in-Class Performance

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Real-time KPIs for Proactive
O2C Process Intervention

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Identify Receivables Bottlenecks with
360 View of Global A/R Performance

With HighRadius dotONE Performance, Accounts Receivables Executives get real-time visibility into your receivables potential from an intuitive interface. Simply filter for a region or business unit, review key metrics for benchmark comparison, then click through to the customer level and manager/analyst level to uncover areas of improvement.


Drive a High-Performance Culture by Benchmarking 60+ KPIs against Industry Peers

At HighRadius, we’ve constructed a proprietary Value Realization Framework that connects each functional product on the Integrated Receivables platform using Key Performance Indicators (leading indicators) that you can start measuring from Day One.

Since each KPI is tied to a Business Value Metric (lagging indicator) such as DSO, Bad-Debt, or Average Days Delinquent, finance leaders and their teams can measure and benchmark KPIs against best-in-class industry trends.

From a unified dashboard, teams can now focus on improving leading indicators so your Business Value Metrics continue in the right direction.


Track early stages of digital transformation success with Product Usage and Analyst Performance metrics

With traditional IT and transformation projects, you expect to lower DSO or Bad-Debt in 2-3 years. Corrective action can’t wait that long. Get Real Business Results from Day One with dotONE Performance visibility.
Here’s how it works:

HighRadius dotONE Performance creates an early warning system that measures Product Usage Metrics and Analyst Performance Metrics so your order to cash leaders can define goals, track results and take corrective action from Day One.


DotOne Performance – Goal setting

Everyone looks great until you begin tracking results. Continuous, transparent performance measurement is a pillar of building a high-performance team.

dotONE Performance allows you to set targets for the business value metrics and the key performance indicators, track the organization’s performance with respect to the set targets, and take corrective action proactively.

With dotONE Performance, you get a wide range of metrics to assess your Managers or Analysts so you can foster a culture of high-performance process improvement.

Value Metric/KPI Level Goal Setting

Value Metrics

Manager/Analyst Level Goal Setting

Manager Level Goal Setting

dotONE Performance.
delivering certainty about the
success of your order to cash
digital transformation.

Did you Know:

56% digital transformation
projects fail.

– McKinsey and Co.

As a finance leader, your world revolves around business growth. Waiting years for your million dollar finance transformation project to deliver real business results might work for other finance leaders. You need proactive control that lets you lower DSO, improve receivables turnover and lower bad-debt from Day One.

Learn Why Digital Transformation Projects Fail

Poor user adoption

Digital transformations often fail due to employee resistance. By measuring user-adoption and user-level performance, you get the results you hoped for.

No performance benchmarks

Defining the right performance benchmarks, measuring against those benchmarks and course-correcting to meet them leads to transformation success.

Committed to delivering
real business results with

Developed with experience of working over 1600+ order to cash transformation projects, the HighRadius Order to Cash Transformation Value Realization Framework is the foundation of our partnership with our clients.

The Value Realization Framework explores each core order to cash process:

  • Credit
  • Collections
  • Cash app
  • Invoicing
  • Payments
  • Deductions

Identify the KPIs (or the Leading Indicators) that influence and impact bottom-line results – the Business Value Metrics (or Lagging Indicators).

HRC Value Realization Framework

dotONE Performance: the combination of our
experience and technology that delivers results
from your order to cash digital transformation.

  • Business Value Metrics
  • Key Performance Indicators
  • Customer Performance Metrics
  • Analyst Performance Metrics
  • Product Usage Metrics

Real technology creates real business value

Real technology creates real business value
Real-time visibility into the final Business Value Metrics and trending KPI information to help you assess how your people and technology are creating bottom-line business impact by reducing DSO, improving working capital availability, and reducing borrowing costs.

Use goal-setting to keep your teams honest and always focused on high-performance

Use goal-setting to keep your teams honest and always focused on high-performance
Define macro and micro goals for the business, teams and individual analysts. Define targets on collection effectiveness, credit risks, and blocked order SLAs for real-time teams and individuals performance monitoring.

Better analyst performance results in improved customer performance

Better analyst performance results in improved customer performance
Leverage a Google-like interface to drill-down on the performance of any single customer from collections, deductions, billing and payments, cash application or credit point of view.

Good technology drives better analyst performance metrics

Good technology drives better analyst performance metrics
Track individual analysts by providing transparent, real-time reflection using performance metrics from their effectiveness in capturing payment commitments to their ability to recover invalid deductions.

It starts with tech adoption and product usage metrics

It starts with tech adoption and product usage metrics
Track how well your users engage with the new technology to leverage the available features and functionality to its fullest potential, fast-track their work and make better decisions.
Get your teams to best-in-class with HighRadius dotONE Performance.
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