Cash Application Process Automation

  • Enable 95% Straight-Through, Same Day Cash Posting
  • Save 100% Lockbox key- In Fees
  • Resolve Exceptions Faster with AI.

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Hit Rates with Cash App
Process Automation

"The team was ending 300 on average on the week, 385 wire transfers manually and with HighRadius, this went down to 128. And effectively we are able to remove 50% of the workload and operation."

Laurent Gueritaine

Global Process Owner
We would want to utilize robotics, its part of a much larger HPE initiative, and get some benefits there but ultimately we will be able to achieve 85% efficiency value.

Robert DiLuglio

Hewlett Packard
It’s a one-stop-shop. Highradius helps manage credit, collections, disputes and also cash application.

Gunther Smets


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How Automated Cash Application Could Change Your Workday

Touchless Cash Posting

Enable same-day, touchless cash application across all payment & remittance formats with AI capabilities.

Lower Cash Posting Expenses

Reduce operating expenses such as bank lockbox key-in fees, headcount cost with automation of manual work.

Data-Driven Decisions with Intuitive Reporting

Let the senior management review cash posting rates, exception volume, analyst productivity with interactive cash application reports, dashboards.

Seamless Integration with Banks, Customer Portals

Auto-extract payment information from banks, remittances from emails, EDIs, and customer portals.

Improve Productivity with Faster Exception Handling

Leverage AI-based recommendations to resolve exceptions faster, leading to same-day cash posting.

No More Process Silos in A/R

With integrated A/R processes, your collector gets real-time cash posting updates to avoid erroneous dunning.

How We Power-up Your A/R Teams with Cash Application Automation

Straight-Through Cash
Posting and Automated Deduction Coding

Improved Analyst Productivity
with Faster Exception Handling

Automated Remittance
Aggregation from Checks, Emails, Portals

95%+ Straight-Through Cash Posting

  • Leverage AI to apply cash accurately even with an incomplete/ inaccurate invoice number.
  • Auto-match invoices to payments in complex business scenarios such as parent-child relationships.
  • Automate deduction coding.

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100% Savings in Lockbox Key-In Fees with AI

  • Accurately capture check remittance data with AI-based, multiple OCR engines.
  • Capture quality check-stub images with template-agnostic technology.

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Remote Cash Posting With RDC & Mobile Payments

  • Seamlessly integrate with renowned RDC scanners to eliminate lockbox charges.
  • Enable field agents to collect check payments/remittance with mobile devices.
  • Ensure same-day cash posting.

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Handle No Remittance Scenarios with AI

  • Predict invoices as potential missing remittances with AI-based technology.
  • Seamlessly integrate with Collections Software to scan open promise to pays as potential remittances.
  • Enable collectors to create remittances while speaking with customers.

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