10 Best CFO Networking Groups to Join in 2022

29 June, 2022
5 mins read
Terri Miller, Director of Business Operations
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  • 4 key reasons why a CFO must join a networking group
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Whether online or offline, joining a networking group is an excellent way to connect with a diverse set of people, understand trends, and gain first-hand knowledge from industry experts. Changing times have revealed that everyone in the finance department, especially the CFO, must be informed of the latest financial developments. 

CFOs can also use their personal profiles to their advantage by participating in relevant debates. What was once only achievable through face-to-face meetings is now possible through specialized groups in real-time.

Reasons why a CFO must join a networking group

We’ve compiled a list of ten of the finest groups that offer CFOs unique opportunities to network and keep up with the latest trends. We chose the following groups based on their large number of followers, important online activities and events, and high levels of engagement in the group. Let’s have a look at it more closely!

  1. CFO Connect
  2. This exclusive group of financial professionals brings together a plethora of opportunities for you to connect with individuals through online and offline events. As a member, you will get firsthand experience with weekly newsletters, blogs, and podcasts. 

    CFO Connect offers a private Slack channel to all its members where you can share thoughts and ideas related to finance. The group also allows you to host your own workshop and meetups which can push your professional skill set to the next level.

    In their previous CFO SUMMER SESSION event, CFO Connect teamed up with Spendest & Pipe to offer a week full of insights and inspiration. This free virtual event featured Luke Wagner (CFO at Pipe) and Farhan Lalji (Managing Director at Anthemis), who shared their experiences from working in unicorns and how they raised their startups from ground level to profit-making companies.

  3. CFO Circle by HighRadius
  4. Join the CFO Circle group by HighRadius to get the best-in-class peer insights into technology trends, automation, and CFO office culture. As a member, you’ll get access to video podcasts and a chance to communicate with AR practitioners and digital consultants.

    Some of their esteemed list of speakers include the likes of Lawrence Chester (CFO- CFO Simplified), Dan Piscatelli (Founder of Hurd House Advisors), and many more. Get the best advice from experts worldwide that will modernize your CFO office. Also, get a chance to connect with AR practitioners and consultants to get precise solutions to your financial problems. 

  5. The CFO Leadership Council
  6. The networking you’ll experience in The CFO Leadership Council is the best-in-class. Consisting of more than 1800+ members, this community will allow you to interact with C-suite executives and finance professionals of top companies. Get access to weekly newsletters and discounts on conferences as a community member.

    As a finance executive, you’ll get-

    • Peer insights from top finance professionals
    • Expert briefing for problem-solving
    • Impactful network growth to enhance personal and professional relationships
  7. GrowCFO
  8. This community of finance leaders and like-minded professionals dedicate themselves to the growth of finance functions. GrowCFO offers amazing peer development courses along with exclusive access to online libraries.

    GrowCFO will help you:

    • Learn the necessary skills to step into your first CFO role
    • Find the perfect combination of professional mentoring and peer groups to prosper within your circle
    • Accelerate your career development action plan

    Upcoming event:

    The Future of Finance– July 12, 2022

  9. CFO Chat
  10. CFO Chat is a community for finance professionals and leaders whose primary focus is to create a private circle for CFOs to network. As a member, you’ll get a chance to share your insights and seek input from top industry professionals. You’ll also gain access to tailor-made content and job opportunities with just a click.

    Like traditional Facebook groups, get access to their free Slack community to connect and get ideas from industry experts. CFO Chat also offers amazing networking opportunities to individuals new to the industry and looking for advice to thrive within their community. The platform also features curated resources and job vacancies for the finance leader.

  11. CFO All Access
  12. This exclusive community allows CFOs and COOs to connect with finance professionals worldwide. CFO All Access is responsible for connecting you with thousands of like-minded professionals who want to drive finance and operations functions for their company. 

    The expert panel includes the likes of Blake Bennett (CFO- Revelstoke Capital Partners) and Gregory Feig (CFO- CCMP Capital Advisors) who occasionally talk about their experience in this field. CFO All Access allows you to benchmark the strategies against your peers for unbounded opportunities. Also, get a chance to hear from the industry leaders about how they are managing the pressing issues related to finance management and more.

    Upcoming events: 

    CFOs and COOs Forum– September 14-15, 2022 

    CFOs and COOs Fall Roundup– November 17, 2022

  13. Chief Financial Officer (CFO) Network
  14. This LinkedIn group comprises more than 450,000 finance executives and professionals believed to be the #1 networking group on LinkedIn that talks about the evolving culture and technologies around finance. Get a chance to network with top executives in the field and discuss their experience and ideas around finance functions. 

  15. Super CFO
  16. This group features more than 100,000 active members who are working professionals in finance and accounting. You can witness more than 50 posts each day being uploaded by members of the group related to finance strategy, taxation, fundraising, and much more. Get a chance to interact with the top finance professionals present in the network and gain knowledge from their experience. 

  17. Finance Club
  18. With more than 1.6 million members, this LinkedIn group is believed to be the epicenter of finance professionals. The members often talk about their growth in their respective industries and how they enhance their careers by overcoming the everyday obstacles we all face. Get insights from everyday posts and polls, which will increase your knowledge of finance. 

  19. The Modern Finance Forum for the CFO
  20. This group was selected to be a part of Linkedin’s ‘Inner Circle’ program and is recognized as one of the most engaging finance groups on LinkedIn. The Modern Finance Forum for the CFO group is operated by an independent group of publishers called FSN. They welcome finance professionals worldwide to discuss the latest innovations and best practices affecting the modern finance function.

    As a CFO, you must do more than crunch numbers to help your finance team flourish. True innovation requires the exchange of new ideas and perspectives. Through these networking groups, get inspired by the most recent trends and insights from the finance community as a whole. If you have any suggestions for additions to this list, please contact us!

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