Integrated Receivables

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Financial Institutions Need Integrated Receivables

  • Automate cash allocation across all payment and remittance formats for clients
  • Unify clients and their buyers on a single platform for invoicing and payments
  • Connect bill-service providers for consumer bill payment reconciliation
  • Provide clients a holistic view of all incoming receivables from all sources
  • Automate capture and reconciliation for virtual card payments for clients
Financial Institute

Integrated Receivables Functional Apps

Cash Allocation Cloud

Cash Allocation

The most comprehensive solution for automating cash allocation across all payment and remittance formats.

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Payments Hub


radiusOneTM platform for supplier-buyer collaboration for invoicing and payments.

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Consumer E-Lockbox

Consumer E-Lockbox

Straight-through consumer bill payment consolidation and reconciliation between bill payment services, banks and their corporate clients.

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Integrated Receivables Foundational Apps

Receivables Analytics

Receivables Hub and Analytics

Single platform offered by banks for their enterprise clients, providing a holistic view of all incoming receivables.

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Virtual Card Reconciliation

Virtual Card Reconciliation

On-cloud solution providing end-to-end automation of virtual card payments capture and processing.

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£382 Billion

Total Receivables

£218 Billion

Total Payments

£23 Billion

Total Deductions

Processed Annually via our Integrated Receivables Platform

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