Credit Risk Mitigation in a Volatile Economy

This eBook outlines the insights from Experian, CreditSafe, CreditRiskMonitor, and S&P Global as they highlight the pivots in risk mitigation strategies and credit policy, customer profiling, changes in credit scoring perspective. It also explains the role of technology in building an agile credit function.


Chapter 01

New Risk Mitigation Trends Observed As a Result of Crisis

Chapter 02

Balancing Credit Risk: Immediate Action Plan For The Credit Team

Chapter 03

Balancing Credit Risk: Tips To Adjust To The New Reality

Chapter 04

Role Of Technology In Building An Agile Credit Function

Chapter 05

About HighRadius
Chapter 01

New Risk Mitigation Trends Observed As a Result of Crisis

Titbits From:

Titbits From


We’re seeing a greater emphasis on portfolio analysis. Clients who weren’t doing it before have now started analyzing it on a more frequent basis.

Vice President, Solution Consulting


When the COVID-19 started really hitting, our data team quickly went into high gear and started coming up with a COVID-19 impact score.

Head Of Marketing,
CreditSafe USA


We’re looking at sentiment analysis as a way of giving some additional inputs to the finance teams.

COO & Senior Vice President,


A/R professionals are using their sales teams to help them to connect to their clients and create the right type of terms and the status of that organization from a financial position.

Senior Vice President,


Coming up with a playbook that you can get together with your commercial and finance teams on the course of action for your portfolio of accounts

Senior Director of Order-To-Cash Operations,
S&P Global


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