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EIPP Product Webinar: New Self-service Features and Troubleshooting Tips!

Chandra Prakash Shrivastava, CV Tech - Support Analyst, HighRadius
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What CFOs Taught Us in 2022

From our conversations with hundreds of CFOs, this eBook highlights the key learnings from the most enlightening conversations that stood out in 2022.
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Are Your Financial Reports Accurate? The Importance of the Matching Principle for Accounting

Master the matching principle for accurate financial reporting. Learn its importance and process in our comprehensive blog for accountants.
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A CFO’s Perspective on Top 5 Mistakes Of 2022 That You Should Avoid in 2023

This blog provides insights on the top 5 mistakes of 2022 from a CFO’s perspective that finance leaders need to learn from to execute better…
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The Digital Tipping Point: Why Should Mid-Market CFOs Invest in Finance Automation in 2023

Discover how investing in finance automation will keep your business competitive and enhance your digital arsenal to accelerate revenue growth
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Finance Automation or Autonomy: What’s Right for Your Teams?

Learn when to leverage automation and AI to upend your finance operations and reinforce cash stability, even in a challenging economy.
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2023 Outlook: CFOs Role in Strategic Leadership Development

Explore how a modern CFO brings data-driven financial strategies to tackle an unforgiving economy and shape a revenue-scaling business.
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How to Trade Manual Tricks for Digital Treats at the CFO’s Office?

This blog focuses on how you can overcome the challenges faced by a lean team by transforming your finance landscape using technological solutions.
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Five Key Takeaways From the 2022 Gartner CFO and Finance Executive Conference

HighRadius reveals the top five trends that are shaping CFOs’ digital transformation efforts based on insights gathered from Gartner’s recent 2022 CFO and Finance Executive…
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Building the OTC Strategy after an M&A

[0:00] Marinko Marijolovic: Now just throwing that payphone bit by the way, because that was the last place I was thinking of finding the phone…
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5 Expectations of Tech from A/R Team

Emanuel (Fito): Can You hear me? Okay. Yes. I’m an IT guy. And the idea is to share with you, the expectations that we have…
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Customer Centric A/R Strategies

Kiran Rana: Can you hear me? OK. All right. So I just want to set a context before we dive into the discussion. At HighRadius…
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O2C Digital Maturity: How to Steer Your Organization Through the Digital Transformation

What does the AR function of the future look like (supported by technologies such as ML and AI) and how to get there?
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10 Pressures On Finance Shared Services Today And How To Survive… Indeed Flourish

[0:01] Susie West: So lets kick-off. Number one. These are some of the observations that are coming out. The global economy has entered a period…
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Past, Present and Future The Digital CFO

Listen to the discussion to understand how artificial intelligence is changing the CFO narrative in predicting business risks and business optimization.
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2020 Order To Cash Tech Stack: 5 Critical Choices You Need to Make

Join experts from Church & Dwight and BMS to get tips on the parameters to consider while selecting a best-in-breed cloud solution to automate the…
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Benchmarking, Project Planning, and Performance Tracking for Centralized Operations

Learn how prioritized worklist helped Primesource to create collection strategies. Understanding the importance of analytics to reduce the number of disputes created. Learn how Priomesource…
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Continuous Auditing and Continuous Monitoring in O2C: From Idea to Implementation Using Technology

Practical use cases of Continuous Auditing & Continuous Monitoring in O2C landscape. Potential roadblocks in the adoption of Continuous Auditing & Continuous Monitoring.
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AI-Driven O2C Transformation: 76% Efficiency Gain in Average Days to Resolve Deductions

Integrated O2C process: how the A/R modules interact with each other Freedom from delays: how to achieve same-day cash posting using AI
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5 HID Global Recommended Dashboards For Credit and Collections Managers in 2020

The evolution of Analytics 2.0 and why every A/R Manager Needs It In 2020 Collections Dashboards HID Global uses today, and the scope for analytics…
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Evolution of Chatbots in Finance

Practical examples of implementing chatbots in O2C. How to redesign the future of chatbots with AI and Machine Learning.
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5 Things Every B2B Customer-Facing Team Leader Needs To Know

Hiring and nurturing the right talent for customer-facing A/R job roles. Executive’s guide to making their teams deliver despite challenging consumer demands.
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Automation Guide for Treasurers: Challenges and Expected Benefits with AI: Case Study

Understand how traditional cash forecasting is done using complex excel formulas. Discover how AI transforms a treasurer’s workday and how it empowers decision making.
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Humans + Machines: Changing Workforce and Job Responsibilities with AI

A panel discussion by industry leaders from Shurtape, PepsiCo, & GlobalTranz about O2C workforce transformation & expectations from AI.
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