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How to Get ROI Out of Credit Groups

How to Get ROI Out of Credit Groups

Putting People First Post Implementation

Join experts from Danone to know the 8 step process for effectively implementing change and the importance of holistic people first change management

Benchmarking, ROI Analysis & Business Case Presentment for OTC Transformation

Join Anthony Satriano, Global Finance Director, Finance operations, Honeywell and know his approach to transform global Order-to-Cash by three step process

AI in the Enterprise: Fact vs Fiction

Join Experts from P&G, NRG, and GE and get insights on the latest developments in enterprise technology to ensure that you are prepared for the future.

Six Sigma Design & Continuous Process Improvement

Join experts from Church & Dwight and Adidas to learn about the six sigma methodology and how to incorporate their principles for continuous improvement

Integrating New Bus into Shared Services

Join Jacob Whetstone from Danone as he shares a roadmap for scaling your business with high-impact shared services and obtaining operational efficiency.

Building the OTC Strategy after an M&A

[0:00] Marinko Marijolovic: Now just throwing that payphone bit by the way, because that was the last place I was thinking of finding the phone period, let alone a payphone. You know, it’s like, why is the government running phone lines, electricity, and all this stuff down here? But they have everything from running water […]

Working with Millennials

With the changing workforce, businesses today must adapt their culture, management style, and overall leadership to meet millennial employee and customer needs.

User-Friendly Digital Experiences for B2B Customers

Join experts from Adidas and EmployBridge to Explore the scopes, hurdles, and benefits of improving customer experience.

Women in Leadership

[00:09] Host: So to start off. Welcome ladies! We are so happy to have you here today and to be hosting this session. So you each have made some bold moves in your careers. What prompted you, what motivated you to make changes. Was it serendipity or was it careful planning? [00:30] Eileen Dignen: So, […]

Accelerating Credit Decisions – Case Study

Santiago Tommasi: As she said, my name is Santiago Tommasi. I am a credit manager in Mosaic. We are going to talk today about the project, the implementation project of CDA, which is a credit decision accelerator, which is a tool provided by HighRadius. Actually, a few months ago, we were talking with HighRadius about […]

Process Benchmarking & Assessment for Order-to-Cash

Learn from the GBS leaders at WESCO on O2C Process Benchmarking & assessment to ensure a smoother, successful A/R transition.

5 Expectations of Tech from A/R Team

Emanuel (Fito): Can You hear me? Okay. Yes. I’m an IT guy. And the idea is to share with you, the expectations that we have from the IT department with the business people from A/R that are working in Sanofi for the last six years now, main customers to cash and purchase to pay. So […]

Choosing the Right Vendor

Tisha Clausell: Once again, I’m Tisha Clausell, and today we’re going to talk about how you should choose the right vendor. Some of the agenda items they’re saying is going to cover, She’s gonna cover building relationships with your vendor. The road map for the objectives and how to evaluate the vendor. So when you […]

Shared Services in a Multi-ERP Landscape

Join Paul Watters, Finance Leader at MercuryMarine to learn how they reduced 67% onboarding time for customers and improved the overall credit process with AI.

Customer Centric A/R Strategies

Kiran Rana: Can you hear me? OK. All right. So I just want to set a context before we dive into the discussion. At HighRadius a few years back then we started looking to do most of the products and how they would be well, it period in time. One of the things that were […]

C-Suite Alignment for O2C Tech

[0:10] Host: Okay so, first of all, thank you for joining us, Frederic. Thank you all for joining us here today at this panel session as well. So Frederic, let’s start off by asking you. What you think are the key factors that are responsible for a successful digital O2C transformation project? [00:40] Frederic Berthoud: […]

Getting Started with AI & Machine Learning, NOW – My P&G Experience

Learn the fundamentals of AI and Machine Learning adoption in order to cash from industry expert & former VP of GBS, P&G, Tony Saldanha.

Financial Close and Reporting

Mariana R C Costa: Hello everyone. Good morning. Thanks for calling the session. I know it’s a little bit cold today. It’s not easy. So, I am Brazilian but I’m working in Uruguay now because Syngenta has our financial center operations in Uruguay. And now we will speak a little bit about our challenges and […]

Hands-On Guide to Creating a Successful RFP

Slav Maslyanchyuk: Welcome! What we’d like to do is just share a few tips that we learned along the way. RFP will be different depending on what industry or company you are in, but you know some of the steps that will help you make a successful RFP, or closing on the company that you’re […]

Striking a Balance Between Leadership & Compliance

[0:12] Cortney Herington: Yeah, so I’m Cortney Herington. I work for Coca Cola bottlers in sales and services, as she said it’s an organization. We provide specialized financial services and Procurement Services to the entire coke system for North America. So, I’ve been to the coke system. It’s a complex system. I have been in […]

GPO or A Travelling Salesman

A knowledge exchange hosted by the expert, Gunther Smets from Cargill, for order to cash GPOs.

Leadership Lessons from Candy Crush

Julie Weaver: Okay! So, today we’re going to talk about what Candy Crush is, we’re going to talk about some leadership lessons that I’ve learned from Candy Crush. And then we’re going to go through a checklist and see how these leadership lessons help. How are you using them in your life in review? So, […]

Building Best-in-Class Credit & Collections Teams

Interviewer: I’m sorry I was talking on mute or some of our customers might have heard that quite often. So thank you all for coming all the way from Union Station. It was a long walk, I’m sure your step count increased significantly today. So before I start, I want to say one thing I […]

Radiating A/R Operations: Collaborating with a Third-Party Ally

Joy Krugel: Okay, just to check everybody here since we have a full room I want to make sure I have everybody’s attention. Well, thank you for joining us today. They do say they saved the best for last. So between the session and lunch. Here we go. Just maybe just a little bit that […]

Evolution of the Deductions Process

Learn how the team at Ardent Mills transformed their deductions management process while facing the lack of a dedicated deductions management team.

World-Class Shopping & Billing Experience for B2B

Stephanie Brantley: Hi there. As he introduced me, I’m Stephanie with EBSCO. I’ve been there for almost 10 years now. And what I want us to cover in our sessions today is I am going to tell you a little bit about EBSCO. I also want us to take a look at billing and invoicing […]

Best Practices for Driving E-invoice Adoption

George Uko: Thank you. What we’re going to do today is we’re going to go over driving E-adoption. This is really going through with EIPP. Trying to find the best practices to get our customers on EIPP. So a couple of things we need to think of if we’re going to adopt our customers to […]

Future of B2B Billing & Payments

Vikram Gollakota: Thank you all. Thank you all for joining us. Wow, it is loud. And y’all hear me. Okay. Alright, perfect. So thanks for joining, I have a set of interesting questions that we have sourced from a lot of experiences that we have and the conversations we have with our clients. So, I’m […]

The E-shift in Deductions Management

[0:11] Roger Anderson: Alright so let’s start off. You know about me, I’ve spent 13 years in the deduction management space. I’ve actually been a HighRadius user, and a consultant now for the last eight years. So I actually was in your role before. We were actually using the system, day to day basis. So […]

Credit Card Payments: All about Surcharges, Level III Processing, and Technology

Host: Welcome, everybody. Welcome to my panelists. We’re so happy to have you here this morning. So I start off with a question, and I’m going to have each one of you if you would provide the answer. So, first off where do you feel the opportunities for accepting credit card payments in B2B lie, […]

The Future of Credit Management & Modelling

Bill Weiss: Well, this is wonderful. I consider this kind of Mount Rushmore of business credit. You know we got some great people and companies on here and it’s really exciting for me to be able to moderate this panel. So let’s jump right in and kind of put everyone on the spot a little […]

Prevent Deductions from Eroding Your Bottomline

Jessica Butler: Welcome, everyone. You know young kids should go to medical school. But my husband and I did not marry young. He’s the same age as me. And that’s a little weird. My son was very fortunate. He’s at medical school in the United States. My husband is not. My husband could not get […]

Credit Management, Economic Trends and Technology

Mike Thelen: Before we start with a few of the questions, we have the icebreaker going, I do want to mention that it may not be obvious to everybody that we have a rather diverse geographical group of people here. So I’m the boring one from the United States, and have Moustapha from Canada, Saurabh […]

Best-Practices for Post-Audit Deductions

[00:30] Roger Anderson: Sure everybody is looking forward to the day, so hopefully, this topic doesn’t bore everybody and hopefully, let’s have a little food for thought at the end of it all. And I’m sure everybody loves post audits if you deal with them now, it’s probably a really fun game. Personally, the reason […]

Deduction Management: Workflow, Automation and Reporting

[0:00] Cindy Scott: Hello everyone, I’m going to first tell you that I’m not gonna move around a lot because this is high, and I’ll probably fall off and it kind of creeks and this makes me really nervous. So, I’m just going to pretty much stay still. Sorry. This is really high, it’s kind […]

How Sales and Credit Teams Could Be Friends

Lisa Tanner: I’ve been talking about this topic for years and years and years, and one of the things I find is that in every conference I learn more from you guys than you probably do from me and that’s why I keep doing this. To start with this as a topic that goes back […]

End-to-End Visibility into Credit Risk

Gunther Smets: Good morning everybody. So my name is Gunther Smets and I work with Cargill. So the intent of the next. How much do we have? We have 40 minutes I think. Yeah. So of the next 40 minutes has to go a bit through the technology challenges and the technology design that we […]

7 Never Aging Collections Strategies

Lori Pinto: Thank you. Good morning. I’m honored to be here. I’ve been a credit manager for 32 years. My first job was with household finances. Right out of high school and from there on I just stuck with it. And it’s been a great ride so far. And because of that, and because of […]

Collections and AI

Paul Watters: What I wanted to talk to you about today is Collections and artificial intelligence. As we heard yesterday what Sashi was talking about in his keynote address, ‘Artificial intelligence is absolutely going to change the way we collect money in the future and the way we run our credit departments’. So I think […]

Customer Collaboration Maturity Model

Jill Barnes: All right so I’m Jill Barnes and we only have a couple of folks here. We are super early today so let’s be just really informal and if you have a question, throw it out. I don’t think we need to wait until the end. So this is the customer collaboration Maturity Model. […]

Collections Evolution: Past, Present, and Future

[00:10] James Robinson: My name is James Robinson. I’m the treasurer for Lhoist, North America. Just a little background about our company- we were founded in Belgium, about a hundred and thirty years ago. It’s a private company, closely family held and proud to be so. We’re a global leader in lime and limestone products. […]

Deep-Dive into AI and Digital Assistants for Collections

Kush Kumar: Thanks and thanks a lot for getting all the names right. So good afternoon everyone. Thank you so much for coming here on a Monday afternoon, I know it’s been a long day. We already have the popcorn, Marinko, and Scott. So I thought about how I should start this session. So the […]

How Danone Cut Cash App Costs by 75% with AI

Jacob Whetstone: I won a contest in our class, and my job was right before the commercial break I’d say something like “Stay tuned for the weather” and then I would cut it. So I was so excited I was trying to tell my kids about this, and they were like, “Oh! We wanna see […]

Cash Application for E-payments and Lockbox

Tisha Clausell: Hello everyone and thank you for coming to our presentation. I want to start with a little joke this morning. So why do you think the robot got angry? Does anybody know? Because you kept pushing his buttons. So we talked about robotics in some of the sessions and how artificial intelligence is […]

Fixing Cash Application to Achieve 95% Straight-Through Processing

Julie Weaver: This is a case study, this is how Caliber Collision implemented the HighRadius cash application tool for ACH payments. So basically, our challenge was that we had a million payments that were processed manually, which was done annually but that was also manual and we had ten different processes for ACH reconciliation. As […]

Cash Application in LatAm

Mariana Costa: Hello everyone. So I’m here to talk a little bit about the cash application in Latin America. I am working in Montevideo in Syngenta and we have a financial center operation there. I am responsible for Brazil but I’m still working on some projects in Latin America and we are trying to automatize […]

Demystiying Unpredictable Customer Behavior

[01:17] Carolyn Etress: Good morning, everybody thanks Angela for the joke. That was great. I’m Carolyn Etress with Ebsco you may or may not recognize our name or our logo. But if you are doing research and databases that are provided by your local public library, your corporate library or in your academic work, then […]

Resolving Unique Cash App Challenges and Handling Global Relocation

Deborah DiLuca: I’m surprised that everybody’s here. I heard that there was a big party last night. So I’m glad that people actually showed up. I just wanted to sort of talk about DB Schenker. This is our agenda and we’re going to just talk about Schenker and what that is and our cash application, […]

Global-ready Cash Application

Martin Doran: So just full disclosure, I come from an I.T. background and we’re not usually famous for our presentations. So bear with me here. And, if you have any questions go ahead, please interrupt, make it as interactive as possible because this is really where the value is and where the fun is. So […]

Automating Cash App: From Big Box Retailers to Mom and Pop Shops

Lauren Kennedy: OK. So we’re just going to go ahead and jump right in and talk about American Greetings. And then we’re going to get into our cash application landscape or key solutions why we chose HighRadius, where we are now and a little bit of about a vendor evaluation. American Greetings was established in […]

The Core of A/R: Three-Way Matching

[00:10] Jason Herrington: Oh, I want to personally thank everybody that walked all the way down here and found this because I was actually having a hard time and enduring it’s like 40 degrees here. So, and it’s the end of the day so thanks so much for making the time. So I’ll just set […]

Cash Application and Unique Customer Payment Behaviors

Cindy Scott: I can’t feel like I’m making an entrance, this is weird. I was on this podium yesterday and it’s really high, it makes my heartbeat and it creaks so I won’t be moving around a lot. I am probably going to put my glasses on today so I can actually see what I’m […]

Leveraging Credit Insurance

Santiago Tommasi: Because so much so I didn’t know yesterday that they were recording this, I thought it was a picture only so- I’m famous now. So thank you for coming. Thank you very much for coming. She said my name is Santiago Tommasi. I work in Mosaic. The area today to talk about credit […]

O2C Digital Maturity: How to Steer Your Organization Through the Digital Transformation

What does the AR function of the future look like (supported by technologies such as ML and AI) and how to get there?

Dancing together: How Treasury can build a great partnership with its Technology vendors!

In this session you will learn about how Treasury can build a great partnership with its Technology vendors and how to maintain that relationship.

My Expectations From The AI-Powered Cash Forecasting Solution

Understand how traditional cash forecasting is done Discover how AI aids Treasurers to support CFOs in decision making

2020 CPG Agenda: Experts Panel On Top 5 Focus Areas For Dispute Resolution

Trend analysis to understand recent changes in CPG deduction patterns and customer behaviour CPG Deductions Agenda : 5 things that would prove to be a game changer in 2020

Global Payments Landscape: Credit Card Surcharges, Cross Border Payment Options and Challenges

Learn about the trends which have given rise to the increase in cross border payments and gain insights about the benefits of accepting credit card payments.

O2C Digital Transformation Guide: Benchmarking, Vendor Evaluation and Process Assessment Best Practices

Join experts from Honeywell, Ivanti, ADP & EmployBridge to learn best practices for O2C digital transformation, A/R processes benchmarking & vendor evaluation.

How Can Artificial Intelligence Fuel Your Cash Forecasting Accuracy: Case Study On distribution now

Achieve higher confidence in long term accuracy Discover how AI transforms a treasurer’s workday and how it empowers decision making

Better Working Capital Management with Receivables Financing and Factoring

Learn how the most rapid innovations in AR finance help treasury & AR teams boost cash flow while reducing credit risk.

Driving Value and Best Practices with Accepting Credit Cards

Leverage an e-Invoice portal to dictate how you accept Credit Card and automatically enforce payment terms. Incentivize the buyer to change behavior Achieve sustainable business growth with credit

“What Glass Ceiling?” A Guide for Women Leaders

Testimonies of breaking through the glass ceiling: straight from the horses’ mouth Checklist to promote career growth for women leaders

Digital Treasury: Technology Innovations & Opportunities

Session on how Treasurers can create a toolset for successful digital transformation of their treasury function.

The Future Of Digital Treasury

A panel of treasury experts get together to discuss the treasury transformation kickstarted by Artificial Intelligence across diverse treasury functions such as fraud management, investments and risk management, forecasting, etc. and how this radical shift the approach towards processes, technology and skills.

The Do’s & Dont’s Of Cash Forecasting

Steve Player, Owner of the Player group would be highlighting the commons mistakes which corporate treasuries commit when they forecast cash and the best practices which they must employ to improve the process

Improving Overall A/R Efficiency with Digital Transformation of Credit, Collections and Cash Posting

learn how to Improve Overall A/R Efficiency Through Digital Credit, Collections, and Cash Posting.

Beyond Working Capital Management – Cash Conversion Cycle Optimization

While the traditional working capital focus on DSO, DPO and DIO benefits the balance sheet, a cash conversion cycle optimization approach incorporates reduction of all costs associated with the processing of transactions inherent in working capital management. This session will describe how to design data-driven collections and disbursements strategy that will enhance working capital metrics while also lowering processing costs

The Art of Frictionless Cross Border Receivables

[0:00] Kieran Brown: So I joined the business from WorldPay in September last year looking after our relationship with Citi. So I spent six years in the consumer payment space and seen a huge amount of change in the way that consumers buy, expect to buy and how that’s impacted business and the bad behavior […]

10 Pressures On Finance Shared Services Today And How To Survive… Indeed Flourish

[0:01] Susie West: So lets kick-off. Number one. These are some of the observations that are coming out. The global economy has entered a period of synchronized stagnation, with weak growth in some countries, no growth in others and mild contractions in other countries. Okay, so we’re not in a bullish climate. So we just […]

BI Software: Comparing and Contrasting Microsoft Power BI, SAP and Tableau

In this session, join Gopal, Founder/CEO Visual BI as he compares between the functionalities of Microsoft Power BI, SAP and Tableau

Reporting and Analytics Fundamentals in SAP S/4HANA

In this session, join Steve, Senior Solutions Engineer, SAP as he takes you through some of the latest reporting capabilities in S/4HANA in order to build dashboards and scorecards.

Building a Deductions Dashboard for Senior Management

Learn how do you design a dashboard suitable for tracking your team's everyday performance as well as to give a crisp summary to your senior management

Credit Today Benchmarking on Policy, KPIs and SOPs

Join Dave from Credit Today to benchmark your processes against your peers on criticial components including Order Approval, Extended Terms, Late Fees, and more.

Negotiation Skills For Finance Professionals

Today's finance professionals are much more than just number crunching accountants. They are a part of a much dynamic customer-facing workforce. Join this session by Jessica to explore how to improve your negotiation and communication skills to climb the career graph

Credit Policy Tools to Transform Credit into a Pro-Sales Department

It is past time A/R moved beyond Credit vs Sales tug of war. This session will help you understand how to build a pro-sales culture for your credit teams while keeping credit risks in check and highlighting your departments contributions

Streamlining Deductions and Dispute Management in SAP

In this session, learn how to optmize the SAP dispute management module for streamlining the deductions/chargebacks and claims process.

The Credit Approval Workflow in SAP Credit Management

In this session, understand how workflows work in SAP credit management for most frequently used scenarios including credit approvals and credit holds.

Simplifying the Payments Processes

In this video you will learn how PNC, Mastercard & Nacha explains how treasury and A/R teams could simplify the payments process by adopting e-payments and much more.

Macro-Economic Trends and Opportunities for The Credit Department

In this panel join D&B, Experian, Creditsafe, CreditRiskMonitor and InfoGroup as they discuss credit strategy, account management, fraud prevention and technology adoption in backdrop of trade wars, risk of recession and other macroeconomic trends.

Effective Credit Management: The Credit Manager’s Role in “Time-to-Cash”

In this session, Bob is going to talk about the 11 ways you are losing out on cash today in your quote to cash process. He also recommends essential actions you could take to turn the tide in your favour.

Legal Workshop on Bankruptcy, Tariffs, Customer Data Privacy and Surcharge

Join the one of a kind legal workshop by Scott Blakeley, Founder Blakeley LLP, where he'll talk about the key rules, strategies and best practices on Bankruptcy, Tariffs, Customer Data Privacy and Surcharge

Amazon Deductions: Understanding them Better and Identifying Resolution Patterns

Dealing with Amazon Deductions becomes easier when you understand them better as you can identify resolution patterns. Joining this session by Jessica where she discusses the best practices followed by world-class organizations to manage amazon deductions.

Banks 2020: Partnering with Treasury & Receivables Leaders for Digital Transformation

In this panel, join Bank of America, Citi, PNC, Commerce Bank and Bank of the West as they discuss how banks could be the allies that Treasury and A/R teams need for Digital Transformation. Key topics of discussion include collaboration on cash forecasting, cash reconciliation, cross-border trade, payment fraud, and risk management.

Advanced Credit Modeling with Regression Algorithms

Join Vernon, Founder and MD, VGAdvisors session as he takes you through advanced Credit Modeling while using statistics based models

Understanding SAP BI Capabilities through Live Demos of Credit, A/R and Collections Reports

In this session, Gopal, Founder and CEO of Visual BI would discuss how to build Credit, A/R and Collections Reports in SAP BI(BOBJ).

Collections Worklist 101 in SAP Collections Management

In this session, learn how to build a prioritized collections worklist in SAP FSCM collections management.

How to Configure a Credit Model in SAP Credit Management

In this session, learn how to incorporate custom credit models into SAP FSCM credit management module.

Capturing Information from Customer Calls in SAP Collections Management

In this session, get familiar with all the frequently used features in the SAP FSCM collections management module including promise to pays, notes, resubmissions, reminders and more.

How to Develop the ‘Right’ Set of Deduction Reason Codes for Your Company

In this session, join Jessica, Founder, Attain Consulting group as she talks about the strategy to follow to develop the right set of deduction reason codes and streamline your process to industry standards

Advanced Credit Management Functionality in SAP S/4HANA

With the help of digitization, SAP is empowering all the finance roles within an organization. Finance leaders can centralize and simplify accounts receivable processes like credit management with automation. In this session, learn how SAP credit management works and how you can optimize your credit management strategies in S/4HANA.

How to Set Up Collections Strategies in SAP Collections

In this session, learn how to configure collections strategies in SAP FSCM collections management module

How to Build The Perfect Customer Dashboard for SAP Credit Management

In this session, understand how SAP Receivables Management(FSCM) Credit module could be leveraged to create a customer dashboard in order to perform credit reviews with all the critical information in one screen.

How Compass Group achieved 85% Auto-Clearing using Highradius Cash Application Cloud

Understand the top 3 key strategies to fast-track your implementation process. Learn how Compass Group achieved 85% Autocash rate, Improved SLA’s and even more.

Past, Present and Future The Digital CFO

Listen to the discussion to understand how artificial intelligence is changing the CFO narrative in predicting business risks and business optimization.

2020 Order To Cash Tech Stack: 5 Critical Choices You Need to Make

Join experts from Church & Dwight and BMS to get tips on the parameters to consider while selecting a best-in-breed cloud solution to automate the A/R process.

Switching to Automation: Hershey’s Kroger’s Deductions Automatic Resolution Story

Understand how Hershey's automated deduction resolution process helped them reduce write-offs Learn about the future of deductions in the age of Artificial Intelligence

Up To 77,000+ Claims Auto-Aggregated: How Mattel Switched To An Automated Mode Using AI-Enabled Deductions

Understanding the real-life use cases of AI in Deductions for Mattel How AI can help in accurate deduction research recommendations

Industry Leaders’ Guide to Mitigating Customer Bankruptcy Risk Exposure

Learn how a credit scoring model based on AI could help you predict the risk of bankruptcy Weigh out risk objectively while onboarding new customers

Benchmarking, Project Planning, and Performance Tracking for Centralized Operations

Learn how prioritized worklist helped Primesource to create collection strategies. Understanding the importance of analytics to reduce the number of disputes created. Learn how Priomesource improved their analyst’s efficiency with centralized operations.

Retail Deductions Management for Dummies

Key factors that contribute to the challenges in handling retail returns deductions Witness the perfect strategy to achieve zero auto write-offs Learn how Brightstar achieved a 65% reduction in FTE's in the A/R team size along with lesser deductions

Continuous Auditing and Continuous Monitoring in O2C: From Idea to Implementation Using Technology

Practical use cases of Continuous Auditing & Continuous Monitoring in O2C landscape. Potential roadblocks in the adoption of Continuous Auditing & Continuous Monitoring.

Avoiding the Consequence of Inaccurate Forecasting: Visibility, Collaboration and AI

Know how to Avoid the Costs of Inaccurate Forecasting: Visibility, Collaboration, and AI.

AI-Driven O2C Transformation: 76% Efficiency Gain in Average Days to Resolve Deductions

Integrated O2C process: how the A/R modules interact with each other Freedom from delays: how to achieve same-day cash posting using AI

Reducing Unidentified Deductions from 100% to 15%: Intelligent Automation at Church and Dwight

Leveraging HighRadius cloud solutions for freeing up as much as 16 man hours a day Maximizing the ROI on A/R automation and doing the right service to your company

Analyze This: Analytics 2020 Brainstorming Session

Attend this brainstorming workshop facilitated by Uber to come up with several use cases and instances for integrated analytics in O2C. Problem Statement: How to make the cloud solutions more interconnected, what role can integrated analytics play in the concept of integrated receivables?

Driving E-Adoption For Billing and Payments: An American Greetings Success Story

American Greetings success story with HighRadius EIPP Cloud. Best practices for onboarding customers on an electronic billing and payments platform.

Achieving Best-In-Class Deductions Metrics With A/R Automation: The Johnsonville Way

How HighRadius cloud solutions aided Johnsonville in working with big-box retailers. 5 focus areas to optimize order-to-cash in the coming year, beyond first-level automation.

Expectations and Conflict Management For A/R Managers

Staying involved in the channels of communication across the organizational hierarchy Internal and External Conflicts in order-to-cash, and how to tackle them

Customer Profitability: Hidden A/R Costs That Eat Away Your Bottom-Line And How To Avoid Them

Proactively reduce deduction write-offs with root-cause analysis for faster resolution. Improve working capital and lower borrowing costs by streamlining collections.

20% Reduction in Bad Debt: Staples’ Collections Automation Journey with AI

How Staples reduced DSO by 6 days through AI-enabled collections How critical accounts are auto-transferred to 3rd party collection agencies

Deductions 2020: A Tech-driven Approach to Resolve F ‘n’ B Deductions Faster

Shift to a digital-first deductions resolution approach through progressive hiring. Evolve the role of transaction-oriented deduction clerks to strategic business analysts with Artificial Intelligence. Improve collaboration across teams for prompt resolution.

Macroeconomic Fluctuations and Global Credit Risk Policy

Learn how Cash Application helps Sanofi reduce its effort by 50% and completed a global implementation project meeting.

Business Process Standardization: Let’s Stop Reinventing the Wheel Everytime

Listen & learn how Danone approached business process standardization by overcoming multiple challenges.

Data Standardization and Visibility Across Global BUs with Automation

Ensuring better internal and external user experience with A/R automation. Simplifying the global O2C technology landscape with HRC Integrated Receivables.

How to Effectively Manage Liquidity in an Asset-Based Financing Process

Understanding the data parameters required to built a tool for predicting assets A live walk-through of the borrowing base model across the stages of order maturity

The Subtle Art of Inter-Teams Collaboration in A/R

Understanding the various personas who interact with a credit manager Culture or technology? The answer to resolving lack of inter-team collaboration

Understanding Treasury Technology Pitfalls And How To Avoid Them

Treasury departments are adopting new technological innovations to improve efficiencies and outcomes from various treasury functions but what are the important factors a treasurer as a decision-maker should consider during their evaluation to ensure that they pick tech which meets their objectives and helps them realize its full potential.

Credit Strategies to Minimize Risks And Maximize Profitability: Lessons from Global Credit Leaders

Credit professional’s guide to balance risk exposure against profitability goals Your action plan to lead credit teams in 2020: Best practices from industry experts

Accountant to Customer Service Representative: 5 Things You Are Doing Wrong

Establish proper workflows between credit and collections to improve customer service Implement a customer-first training plan to offer standardized customer experience and reduce churn

Order-To-Cash 2020: Focus Areas For Improvement, Metrics and Best Practices For Transformation

Know the key areas to focus for O2C Digitalization from Saurabh Chopra, Director, Business process management, C2C at Honeywell.

5 HID Global Recommended Dashboards For Credit and Collections Managers in 2020

The evolution of Analytics 2.0 and why every A/R Manager Needs It In 2020 Collections Dashboards HID Global uses today, and the scope for analytics in future

Evolution of Chatbots in Finance

Practical examples of implementing chatbots in O2C. How to redesign the future of chatbots with AI and Machine Learning.

Evolution of AR Forecasting Best Practices at Duracell: Case Study

In this session, Order to Cash leader Steven Wurst speaks about the 4 stages of evolution which the receivables cash forecasting process at Duracell underwent, observing the challenges faced in each stage and how it overcame them using continuous improvement and technology.

Working With Your Vendor For Successful Automation: Tips and Strategies From a Consultant

Join Roger Anderson, Principal Consultant, Optimize Consulting, to learn tips on working with a technology vendor for successful A/R automation.

Setting up Reporting Dashboards: 4 Costly Errors by Your SAP Implementation Consultants You Wish You Knew Earlier

Understand the requirements of a consultant to build an efficient dashboard for your business Top 4 mistakes that you could avoid to reduce the extra cost of building your next dashboard

Reducing Payment And A/R Fraud Risk Exposure With Technology

Top A/R frauds to safeguard your organization against and understanding the role of predictive analytics to reduce frauds in A/R

Ferrero’ Guide To DSO Improvement With HighRadius

How data aggregation could be automated with RPA to save 50% of the analyst’s time. Achieving better results across the A/R department with an integrated technology landscape.

Opportunities and Boundaries of AI in the Digital Transformation Age of Finance

Join leading industry experts from Gartner, Forrester, IDC, Hackett & Transformant to understand the potential & limitations of AI in Finance transformation.

An Entertaining Outlook of The Macro-economy

In this video learn how the Macro-economy has driven US rates to historical lows, their nature and the positive or negative implications they have on member companies.

3 Strategic Levers Of O2C Digitization: People, Process & Technology

Anna Nowak from ADIDAS shares her experience on creating the 5-step action plan for leveraging O2C digital transformation.

6 Essential Elements of a Credit and Collections Policy Framework

Designing your credit policy and collections strategies, by keeping them aligned. Tackling customers who are delinquent or are taking undue advantage of their position.

3-Ways to Improve Collections Effectiveness with Customer Data

3 basic levers of a best-in-class collections strategy formed solely with customer data Use case: 200% improvement in collections productivity with AI and machine learning

5 Things Every B2B Customer-Facing Team Leader Needs To Know

Hiring and nurturing the right talent for customer-facing A/R job roles. Executive’s guide to making their teams deliver despite challenging consumer demands.

Customer-Centric Digital Transformation: Zurich’s Digital Initiatives for 2020 and Ahead

Understanding the customer-led digital transformation initiatives at Zurich. Cash application automation at Zurich: a success story.

Automation Guide for Treasurers: Challenges and Expected Benefits with AI: Case Study

Understand how traditional cash forecasting is done using complex excel formulas. Discover how AI transforms a treasurer’s workday and how it empowers decision making.

The Past, Present and The Future Of Trade Deductions Automation: Lessons For A/R Industry Leaders

Understanding the current automation features available for trade promotion settlement. The Vision for what trade promotion management could be transformed into by 2020

Domestic Credit Policy Blind Spots and International Trade Risk

Learn why is your domestic credit policy not fit for handling international customers. Five must-have in your credit policy, expert’s choice.

GE’s Vision For Evolution Of Analytics In Order-To-Cash

Get expert information from Sahil Vijay, senior A/R leader at GE on order to cash process automation and how analytics helps O2C departments become world-class.

Intelligent Automation For Customer-Centric O2C : Lessons From Shurtech And Yaskawa

Shurtech's guide to align internal teams and processes to achieve the customer satisfaction objectives How Yaskawa leveraged order-to-cash automation for better end-user experience

Are You Interpreting DSO Correctly? Tips to Leverage DSO to Fasttrack Collections

Real-life instances of how organizations misinterpret DSO. How Lhoist achieved 5X collector’s productivity through automation.

Insourcing vs Outsourcing Collections: The Choice Between Profitability and Customer Experience

4 parameters to choose between in-house and outsourced collections

Leveraging Technology to Drive Career Success in Treasury

Treasury professionals are being charged with delivering value beyond finance. Spending time on non-value add activities

Danone’s SSC Story: Moving Beyond Cost Savings

Develop scalable models that lead to operational efficiency within minimal time. Focus on customer centricity without compromising on performance.

Digital First: AB InBev’s Digital Transformation Journey

ABinBev’s vision of digital transformation being realized within its O2C team. Insights for the future from ABInBev’s first-hand interaction with automation systems.

How To Be A Good Boss: Tips To Groom Your Organization’s Next-Gen Leaders

Grooming the next generation leaders: A proactive leader’s guide. The architecture of a perfect boss: A scorecard to your leadership skills.

Achieving 95% Straight-Through Processing for 1 Million Payments with Integrated Receivables

Learn how Caliber Collision saved 12 hrs per day in processing payments using IR. Learn how the elimination of transactional tasks, shifted A/R team’s focus on strategic goals. Learn about some of the cross-department benefits of cash application at Calliber Collision.

Credit & Collections Digital Transformation Workshop

This interactive workshop will be led by Bryan DeGraw, Associate Principal and Global Lead of The Hackett Group’s Customer-to-Cash Advisory Program. During the session, Bryan will provide an overview of how The Hackett Group determines World-Class performance. The session would highlight the key performance metrics and best practice characteristics of World-Class Customer to Cash organizations. In this highly interactive workshop, Bryan will run the participants through an exercise that follows Hackett’s methodology to evaluate process capability maturity in the Credit and Collections processes. Participants will be able to self-assess their current performance levels and better understand the best practices that deliver World-Class Efficiency and Effectiveness.

Humans + Machines: Changing Workforce and Job Responsibilities with AI

A panel discussion by industry leaders from Shurtape, PepsiCo, & GlobalTranz about O2C workforce transformation & expectations from AI.

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